Natasha Fearnside - Clarinetist & Educator

Recommended Equipment


Bb Clarinet
LeBlanc Bliss LB320, ABS Resin Body
Yamaha YCL-255, ABS Resin Body

Yamaha 4C Clarinet

D’Addario Reserve Classic Size 2
Vandoren Traditional Reeds Size 2


Bb Clarinet
Yamaha YCL-450, Grenadilla Wood Body, Silver Keys

D’Addario Reserve X5 or X10

Vandoren Optimum

D’Addario Reserve Classic Size 2.5 or 3
Vandoren V12 Size 2.5 or 3


Bb and A Clarinets
Yamaha YCL-650, Grenadilla Wood Body, Silver Keys
Yamaha Custom YCL-CSGIII, Grenadilla Wood Body, Silver Keys
Buffet R13, Grenadilla Wood Body, Silver Keys

D’Addario Reserve X5, X10 or X10E

Vandoren Optimum
Ishimori Ligature Brushed Gold Finish

D’Addario Reserve Classic Size 2.5, 3, 3.5, 3.5+ or 4
Vandoren V12 Size 2.5, 3, 3.5, or 4

*Please Note: Reed size to be determined by Natasha in your lesson, approximate sizing ONLY listed.

For All Levels

Mouthpiece Cushion

Reed Holder
Holds at least 8

Thumb Rest (optional)
Suitable for your clarinet model

Breath Builder Isomeric Exerciser 

Music and Clarinet Stand
For home practice

Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner/Metronome
Dr Beat DB90
MetroTimer or equivalent mobile application

Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner/Metronome
Tunable or equivalent mobile application

Recording Device
Zoom H4n Handy Recorder
Voice memo or equivalent mobile application

Natasha’s Equipment

Bb and A Clarinets
Yamaha YCL-CSGIII Custom Clarinets
D’Addario Reserve X10E Mouthpiece
Ishimori Ligature Brushed Gold Finish
D’Addario Classic Reserve Reeds, Size 3.5
Surgical Tubing (cut down as a thumb rest)

Eb Clarinet
Buffet R13 Clarinet
Gregory Smith Mouthpiece
Vandoren Optimum Ligature
Vandoren V12 Reeds, Size 3.5
Surgical Tubing (cut down as a thumb rest)

Natasha Fearnside

Recommended Texts

Scale & Etude Books

‘Scales and Arpeggios’ by Avrahm Galper

Intermediate and Advanced:
‘Upbeat Scales & Arpeggios’ by Avrahm Galper
‘Gammes et Exercices pour la clarinette’ by Gaston Hamelin
‘Complete Method for Clarinet, Opus 63’ by Carl Baermann
‘Celebrated Method for Clarinet’ by Hyacinthe Klose
‘50 Classical Studies’ by Pamela Weston
‘17 Staccato Studies’ by Reginald Kell
’30 Interpretative Sudies for Clarinet’ by Reginald Kell
‘32 Etudes for Clarinet’ by Cyrille Rose
‘40 Studies for Clarinet’ by Cyrille Rose
’24 Studies in all tonalities for Clarinet’ by Robert Stark
‘Quinze Etudes’ by J.S. Bach


‘Off to a Great Start, Book 1’ by Mark Walton
‘Abracadabra for Clarinet’ by Jonathan Rutland
‘A NEW Tune a Day’ by Ned Bennett
AMEB or NYSSMA Repertoire

‘Off to a Great Start, Book 2′ by Mark Walton
’66 Great Tunes for Clarinet’ by Mark Walton
AMEB or NYSSMA Repertoire

‘The Audition Method for Clarinet Volume 1’ Written by Benjamin Baron, Concepts and Interpretations by Mark Nuccio
AMEB or NYSSMA Repertoire

Other unaccompanied works, Clarinet and Piano pieces, Orchestral Excerpts and Duos/Trios/Quartets etc., to be purchased or ordered as directed by Natasha.

Scale Requirements

All students are required to know their scales in the following minimum tempos;

*Depending on the book assigned, this is to be played in either crotchets, quavers or semi-quavers (quarter notes, eighth notes, or sixteenth notes).

1st year – crotchet/quarter note = 60
2nd year – crotchet/quarter note = 72
3rd year – crotchet/quarter note = 86
4th year – crotchet/quarter note = 100
5th year and above – crotchet/quarter note = 120


All students are strongly encouraged to sit AMEB Grading Exams (Australia) or NYSSMA Grading Exams (New York City).

Practice Log

Print and use this template as a guide for your weekly practice.

Don’t forget to bring it to your next lesson! Download.

Studio Policy

Lesson Hours & Rates (2017)

Monday – Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am-8pm

Lessons may run all year round or match up with the school calendar year.

Studio Lessons:
30 Minute Lesson ………………………………. $50
45 Minute Lesson ………………………………. $65
60 Minute Lesson ………………………………. $80

In-your-home Lessons:
45 Minute Lesson ………………………………. $70
60 Minute Lesson ………………………………. $85

Online-Skype Lessons:
30 Minute Lesson ………………………………. $40
45 Minute Lesson ………………………………. $55
60 Minute Lesson ………………………………. $70

Beginners are advised to take 45-60 minute weekly lessons.
Intermediate and Advanced students are advised to take 60 minute weekly lessons.

Lessons can be paid in advance on the first lesson of the month for all the lessons in the month. Pay by cash or cheque made out to ‘Natasha Fearnside’.

Contact Details

Students/parents are welcome to contact me via email at anytime, and they should expect to receive a response within 24 hours, or speak with me during their child’s lesson.

Cancellation Policy

Strict 24 hours notice of cancellation of lesson.

Lessons cancelled with 24 hours advance notice (a week is requested) will be rescheduled schedule permitting. 24-hour notice must be given to receive credit for a future lesson. Lesson rescheduling will only occur at the discretion and availability of Natasha Fearnside. If Natasha Fearnside misses a lesson, credit for a future lesson will be given.

Practice Policy & Recommendations

Prior to beginning lessons with me, my students (and their parents) must understand that I expect a commitment to practice. Practicing should be a daily habit. How long each practice session should run depends on a student’s goals. The practice sessions should reflect the lesson material, every practice session should include scales (with a metronome), technical work, long tones (with a tuner), etudes/studies, solo repertoire as well as band/orchestral music.

Beginner Students should practice 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.
Intermediate and Advanced Students are expected to practice 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Advanced Students intending to major in music and/or compete in competitions should practice 3-4 hours a day, 6 days a week.

A professional musician might practice 2-8 hours a day, and be in rehearsal for several hours more on top of that. I generally practice about 2-4 hours per day, or until my embouchure fatigues (or my mind wanders).

All parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to observe at any time.

If you have questions regarding this policy don’t hesitate to email me.

Welcome to my Studio.

Yours sincerely,
Natasha Fearnside


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